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A house of God split - 1 A House of God Split By Nathan...

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A House of God Split By Nathan Sullivan This is a story of how my church become split on how it was to be run and who was to run it. This took place over a year ago however the events that took place still effects how many people feel and react to the events that are taking place now. My church has been split for some time and there are those that still don’t truly know the things that took place. My family and I however were caught in the middle of all the things that happened, we were the first offended as well as the leaders of trying to replace our pastor. I will tell the things that took place as they had happened and how they had affected my self and my family. As a person can expect something this complex will not be easy to explain I will do my best to tell all the things that had happened. When my family came to Friendship Lutheran Church we were hoping to find a place that felt like a family. We had just left our first church do to the fact that we were unaccepted there because my brother and I did not attend the private school that the church also offered. So after a year of waiting to be deemed members we were still looked down on, I was in the sixth grade. The next Sunday my dad had found a small church on the outskirts of Champaign and with that we began to hope that things would be different and that they would accept us as a part of their church family, and that is just what we found. As soon as we walked into the building we felt more than welcome be a number of people that came to get us. To tell the truth it was almost intimidating but I had never felt so happy in a place that I have never been to before. After only a few 1
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weeks we had called this church our home, my parents were a part of the new members class, my brother joined the Sunday school classes and I was a part of their confirmation class. We had been with the church for four years and my brother and I had become great friends with the other kids in our classes we were always hanging out with them, but we weren’t the only ones making new friends our parents had become friends with as many of the adults as we had with the kids. My dad had even become the president of the church board and my mom had joined the alter guild. We had things even better then we were hoping to get, our family felt truly blessed to be where we were. Things had been going so well that at one time my dad had said that he was hoping that when we were old enough that my brother and I would be married to our wives in this church. No one in my family could have guessed at what was going to take place in the next few weeks would sake all of this to it’s core. The event that would start a landslide took place at one of the adult’s night out
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A house of God split - 1 A House of God Split By Nathan...

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