Kylie's letter to me

Kylie's letter to me - writing a ridiculously long paper so...

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Dear Nathan, First off, I thought that you were way harsh on yourself when we were sharing about our papers in class! Given the topic that you wrote about and the progress that you have made on your project, I would find it very hard to add too much more. I liked how there was a lot of voice in your paper. When I was reading it, it didn’t seem like I was reading an essay, it was more like you were here telling me what happened and how you formed the concepts of your book. Although the ending was a little abrupt, I liked how you stated it, especially the last sentence. It brings a good feeling of closure to the paper, but leaves it open in regards to the fact that you are still not completed with your book and are excited for the future of your work. Okay, so now the constructive criticism: Just like you warned us, there were quite a few grammatical errors, but lets be real, it was probably from staying up late and
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Unformatted text preview: writing a ridiculously long paper, so, I just marked them down on your draft and will give you the draft on Monday when I get back. I also made some wording suggestions in some confusing parts. I think I would like to see you give Brian a little bit more of a background so that he can be one of your main characters. Also, if you are striving to add more of a main character feel to your paper, don’t be afraid to describe yourself! Right after your introduction you could slip in a little paragraph about what makes you like horror or action and stuff. Overall, I thought your paper was put together very well. Of course you will take it back and reread it and make tons of changes to things that you don’t like, but I think you have a good foundation for a great story! And by the way, good luck with your REAL story! Kylie Revelle...
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