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Problem set 3 - genetic variability to hopefully help get...

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Jeremy Hansen Problem Set 3 1) Mutational meltdown is the process where a small population acquires lots of deleterious alleles which leads to loss of fitness, and reduces population size, which in turn leads to an accumulation of more deleterious alleles. You can stop mutational meltdown by either doing nothing and hoping it purges the deleterious alleles, or you can introduce new relatives into the population helping give
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Unformatted text preview: genetic variability to hopefully help get rid of deleterious alleles. 4) Three ways linkage disequilibrium can arise are multilocus selection, population admixture, and physical linkage with a new rare mutation. To break up multilocus slection you use recombination. To break up population admixture you can use recombination. To break up physical linkage you use sex recombination....
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