Core paper 1 - 1 My Book By Nathan Sullivan I have recently...

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- 1 - My Book By Nathan Sullivan I have recently begun work on a story, which my friends and I had talked about for a number of weeks. The idea for this story came to me and one of my close friends at a party. We are both fans of over-the-top action movies with unrealistic fight scenes, near impossible story lines, and villains so evil and corrupt that you have to love them. It was with this mindset that we began our plotting for what we believed could become one of the greatest horror/drama/action stories to ever come out of Illinois. It was a Friday night and the going away party for a friend was winding down. I was standing over the slowly dying fire looking into the flames as they slowly grew dimmer, when Brian Mendez moved over to me. We had gone to school together for about two years; he was a year above me and was one of my best friends. Also he had just finished his first year in college and knew that I was about to start mine. When he came over to me he asked the normal things: when do you leave for school, how do you feel about it, all things that I had heard more than once that night. Then he asked if I had finished reading Max Brooks’ latest book. He already knew the answer; I had been talking about Max Brook’s The Zombie Survival Guide for days. It was a mock survival book for a zombie outbreak. The book-contained ways to hunt down the zombies along with ways to kill them. With lines like “remember blades don’t need reloading.” And one of my favorites “use your head, cut off theirs.” It was almost a step by step on how to make death and gore funny. I smiled as I answered, “Who could have put that down, that
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This essay was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course CORE, MATH 110 taught by Professor Scanelle during the Spring '08 term at Valparaiso.

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Core paper 1 - 1 My Book By Nathan Sullivan I have recently...

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