Sermon on the Mount - Sermon on the Mount By Nathan...

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Sermon on the Mount By Nathan Sullivan Within the chapters of Matthew 5-7 the reader will find the teachings of Christ fill the pages. These teachings give the foundation for the Christian out look of life. They show how a person should act to others and how they should carry themselves. In the very beginning the reader is faced with how those that looked down on in the world of men are held up in the kingdom of Heaven. Christ talks of how all of those that are persecuted for their beliefs are like the profits of old. And that the people stand up for the right thing will get the thing that they are sinking in the kingdom of never ending life. He goes on to tell all of the people that they should shine the light of GOD in every thing that they do in all of their daily life. Christ goes on to tell the people around him not to hate one another and how they should always have faith in GOD that he will always take care of them. He also teaches the people that we should not turn our selves into hypocrites. This reading is so thing that was seen as truly insightful for it’s time and is still
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Sermon on the Mount - Sermon on the Mount By Nathan...

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