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One of the many faces of love

One of the many faces of love - One of the many faces of...

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One of the many faces of love. By Nathan Sullivan Over the course of a person’s life they will feel every kind of love that there is. From the love that a person feels when they are doing something that they enjoy to the love of some one very close to them. These forms of love are all-different but are still one in the same. For a person to feel love some thing must happen to them, they must have felt loves warm touch back on them or even discover something that they have never known before. I have felt the later of the two when I was just in fifth grade and after that I have been looking at the world in a different light. When I was young I moved all around America. The longest that we would ever live in one place was two years then we would be up and moving again. As a kid I never minded this I just saw it as a why to get to meet lots of people. I did just that every state that we would live in I made friends with lots of the other kids around me. Whether it was a kid at one of the many hotels that we stopped at, or just another kid in one of my classes I got along with them all pretty well. This was the norm until I was in the third grade when my dad got a job in Illinois, so once again we packed up and headed to a new place. I hated the fact that we were leaving all our friends in Iowa but I knew that we were moving whether I liked it or not.
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