Rifleman’s Dilemma

Rifleman’s Dilemma - woman I would however...

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Rifleman’s Dilemma By Nathan Sullivan If I was put in this situation I have no idea what I would do in the heat of the moment. I do know however that while I read this the first thing that came to mind was that this was innocent woman. The fact that almost all of the traps set by the Vietcong required no one to have control over them, their mines where hidden under things like maps, dead soldiers, or other things like this. Also these traps would have been already set around the area if there were any. With these facts aside I think I would have done everything in my power to alert the men in my squad. I don’t think that I could shoot this
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Unformatted text preview: woman, I would however try to let the men know that she was there by any means that I could, even if that meant taking a shot and letting other possible enemies know where I was. I couldn’t take a chance to spill innocent blood or risk my friend’s lives for my own self-interests. However this is my thinking while I have a warm bed to sit on after eating a filling dinner twenty yards away from my clean room. I have no idea what I would think after months of living in the constant fear of death that filled the hills of Vietnam. I have neither given nor received nor tolerated others use of unauthorized aid....
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