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Vocation By Nathan Sullivan Form viewing the movie of Luther a person could clearly see that he cared about what he did. The way that Luther refuses to stand down for his beliefs gives a true feeling of how he knows that he was called to do the work that he was doing. This is a trait that is rare to find in people in this time and age. Luther is willing to die for the things that he teaches this show’s his commitment to his cause and that he knows he is truly doing the right thing. Along with this point it show’s how thins have changed with time. From seeing the work of Luther and all of the difficulties that he faced it makes our jobs seem so much easier. How many of us would die for the job that we have now? Not many one would guess but the fact that this man was willing (not wanting) to die for this is something to truly respect.
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Unformatted text preview: Martian Luther is proof that a person can be called to do a job. He was proudly standing up and speaking to the people. The more that the powers that be tried to silence him the more he spoke up, and the more he told the people. Not many people would be able to do a thing like this, as many people would not be able to teach, or nurse, or build or any of the other thousand’s of jobs that need to be done. Martian Luther has not only reformed the church with his work but also proven that there are some jobs that are made for a person. Martian Luther was made for what he did, and no one could have done a better job. He shows us that a person can rise up to the large task at hand and over come it. He shows that when we are picked for a job we can handle it....
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