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Problem Set 6 - and fly through the air creating lots of...

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Jeremy Hansen Problem Set 6 1) There is a lot of evidence to support the K\/T theory. The first one is high levels of iridium found in a clay line in the earth. Iridium is usually found on asteroids, and for the amount found the asteroid would have to be somewhere in the range of 10-15km. The second is shocked quarts that was found. Shocked quartz occurs because of great pressure strain, and is usually found around crater edge. The last one is microtektite glass particles that are found at impact site, there particles are quarts that melt
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Unformatted text preview: and fly through the air creating lots of different shapes depending on the flight pattern and how long its in the air. 2) RNA was the most likely precursor from non-life to life. RNA has been synthesized in a lab, and was able to replicate. RNA and tRNA is important, universally, to protein synthesis. Ribonucleoutide triphosphate (ATP, and GTP) are biologic lifes energy. Now DNA on the other hand cannot create a phenotype on its own, and proteins cannot store or transfer information....
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