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Grief By Nathan Sullivan Grief is something that never really goes away, it only dulls itself. The pain that a person feels when they lose someone dear to them seems to replace the space that this other person fills. This is not to say that whenever someone is reminded of that lost one that they will break down and cry. Rather that they will always have a more solemn tone when reflecting on that person and the things that they did. Even in this people can still laugh and joke about a person that was close to them passing but after their story there seems to be a kind of quite that can’t be explained.
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Unformatted text preview: This is not what C.S. Lewis talks about in his book. He talks about how he moves though grieving and what happens to him. It is clear to any reader that he takes his wife’s death very hard and that he goes through a truly painful time with this. It feels like he reasons with what life and death are to try to come to terms with it. I have never seen anyone try to coupe in this way first hand it seems to take an amazing toll on him. With time he does come to terms with what has happened although it was very hard for him. I have neither given nor received nor tolerated the use of unauthorized aid....
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