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My Corinthians By Nathan Sullivan Love is a double edge sword. It has the power to both break and mend hearts. It has the power to bring those that stand apart to stand together. Love is not a lie or merely three small words. Love is boundless and timeless. Love takes time and work. Love will make two people want to be together however love is not all it takes to keep them together. Love is the corner stone of a relationship not all that a relationship is built on. Love will be the start of something but it is up to those in love to keep it together. Love
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Unformatted text preview: is limitless and indefinable. Love is a rare type of word, it can’t be explained like any other word. Nor can a person in love truly convey the feelings that they have for a person that they love. Love can’t be put into words or broken down to some kind of chemical formula it can only be felt. If love was simple to explain or could be broken down so that everyone had something to compare how they feel to it would take away all that love is, all of the power of that feeling would be taken away and that is a world that I would not want to live in....
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