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Fifth hour By Nathan Sullivan Science and religion have never gotten along well in their history together. And the speaker that I was intending to see said that he could help solve this unnecessary conflict. It was my understanding that he would talk about the conflict of evolution, the “big bang theory” and other kinds of conflicts that have taken place over the years. However what I found once attending this was very different. The speaker works as a “bridge” between Christian ethicists and working scientist. He would work to help both groups see eye to eye on modern issues like the use of chlorine in products. He would take the ethicists problem to the scientist and explain their concern. After trying to help the two sides come to term that they could
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Unformatted text preview: both work with he had come up with an idea that the groups could get together and talk to one another about both of their concerns. With this the ethicists sign a paper saying that they will not tell anyone about what the companies have planed for the their upcoming projects. This way the ethicists can give their input before companies even start their projects. This helps “keep the peace” between the two groups. While this was nothing like what I was expecting I did find it interesting. This man is taking steps to bridge the gap that has kept science and religion apart for so many years. This could start as some thing small that could go and help even more in the future. I have neither given nor received nor tolerated the use of unauthorized aid....
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