Work in tech - 1 Work in tech By Nathan Sullivan The field...

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Work in tech By Nathan Sullivan The field of technology is a very broad one. This work could cover anything from making new kinds of medicine to making movies. There are many people that feel over whelmed while working with computers and some just have others come do it for them. There are some that know and enjoy the work that this always-evolving field brings. One of these people is a man by the name of Rich Gegg. Rich works at the University of Illinois doing work on programming code. He had always been working in the technology field even working he’s own code when he was a young kid. Now he does it for a living and enjoys it. When I began this paper I had intended to work with one of the designers at Volition Inc. They have done work on games like Red Faction 1 and 2, and the Saints Row game and are now working on the sequel to it. I have always wanted to work on games and to make a world that would shock people when they entered it. I was hoping to get to learn first hand how to make a game, and from one of the best up and coming game companies of the last few years. However Volition never returned any of my calls, must likely due to all the work that they have been doing, and I had to make a whole new plan for this paper at the last minute. Thankfully Rich Gegg is a good friend of my family and was more then happy to help me out. He came over after work one day and we sat down in my living room and began a very impromptu interview. In-between 1
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making fun of me for picking him as a second choice and “making” him come over before dinner, he gave me all the information I needed and more. When asked how he got into computers and got started working on them he replied “My dad made me do it”. His dad worked for the Defenses Department on what was the pre-curser to the Internet. And He had been into computers from the time that he was a kid. Rich said that the real thing was that made him want to start working with computers was that when he was a kid he had an Atari system and got sick of losing. He said that as a kid he learned that all of actions that take place in a game where all patterns of code that acted differently to what the player does. After learning this he wanted to make his own pattern so that He could stop losing. While in college he had worked at the help desk but didn’t many calls so he worked on making code “yeah I would make a Snoopy out of code or have a dancing woman or a tank blow something up”. He had also worked on making software for the management at a near by country club so that they could keep track of tables, waiters, and reservations. After working in this for some time and after he had gotten out of school, he began work with a company that created the first voice operated response system. “You know those things that say press 1 if you want this press 2 for this, I was the one that started the work on that.” However, after time the company that had come up with this program was eventually bought out by a larger one,
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Work in tech - 1 Work in tech By Nathan Sullivan The field...

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