Bush Response 3

Bush Response 3 - Jeremy Hansen Assignment #3 Bush's...

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Jeremy Hansen Assignment #3 Bush’s address to the nation covers the current standing of the U.S and the Iraqis in the “global struggle” against terrorism. As Bush speaks he brings up the 2005 elections and how well they went, but last year radical Islamic extremist have taken an uprising in violence and the Iraq population. Bush talks about the obvious consequences of the mistakes that were made: The Islamic extremists are growing in numbers and are gaining better position to topple the government, and Iran would be “emboldened” in its pursuit of nuclear weapons, and give a place of safe haven for terrorist. This admittance of a mistake that the world knew about makes his speech effective because he lets us, the world, know that the U.S government acknowledges that they have made mistake, and give the hope that they will learn from them and further better the situation. The safe haven would also provide ground for an attack on the American people. Bush’s response to this up rise in violence and instability in the Iraqi government is to
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Bush Response 3 - Jeremy Hansen Assignment #3 Bush's...

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