The Chess Tournament

The Chess Tournament - every mistake that I made So to fix...

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The Chess Tournament Nathan Sullivan In this problem there are six men playing in a Chess tournament. The six men are: Petrovich, Cavelli, Rochefort, Schmidt, Lord Bottomly, and Albenez. The tournament lasts five days and all of the men must play one another once. There can be no repeated match’s. The reader of this problem must find out from the given information who plays against Albenez. The information given for this is as follows: on the first day Cavelli beat Petrovich. After that on the second day Cavelli beat Rochefort. On the third day Rochefort beat Lord Bottomly. Then on the fourth day Petrovich beat Schmidt. With these small pieces of information the reader must find who played Albenez on the fifth day of the tournament. To attempt at solving this puzzle I began by drawing a graph with the first initial of the player on the top, and the number of the day on the side of the chart. At first I wrote the chart in pen but came to find that I would have to make an all-new chart after
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Unformatted text preview: every mistake that I made. So to fix this I made one chart were the given information and the chart itself was made in pen but any of my attempts were put down in pencil. This made working on the problem much essayer and saved me the trouble of remaking every thing. Also I used pen made X’s to show the given information, and I used numbers to show what pattern I believed the players went in. After a number of attempts on this problem in a trial and error manner I had found what I believe is the right answer. Albenez plays against Cavelli on the fifth day. I have neither given nor received nor tolerated the use of unauthorized aid. Petrovich Cavelli Rochefort Schmidt Lord Bottomly Albenez 1 x x 1 1 2 2 2 4 x x 3 4 3 3 6 5 x 5 x 6 4 x 8 7 x 8 7 5 11 10 11 9 9 10 This is a copy of the chart that I made to solve this problem. The x marks in the chart show the given info and the numbers show which player plays who. The numbers on the side of the chart show what day that they play....
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The Chess Tournament - every mistake that I made So to fix...

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