Math 110 Reflection - graphs I think that they would work...

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Math 110 Reflection By Nathan Sullivan 1.) One problem that I felt truly helped me in my math 110 class was by far the four convicts problem. This was a problem that pushed me to try to come up with another way to work out this problem. I had sat for well over an hour working out this problem all to no avail and I was set that there was no way that this could at all work out. The next time that class met I learned how the problem was figured out and the way that it was done was so amazingly simple that I felt almost ashamed for not figuring it out sooner for my self. This taught me that the answer is not always so clear to find in problems and that I should not give up on some thing just because I was having a hard time with it on my first few tries. 2.) I felt that the computer modules were far off from what we were doing in class. All of the times that I worked on the modules they had nothing to do with what we were doing in class except once when we started working on
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Unformatted text preview: graphs. I think that they would work much better for the class if the two had more in common. However when I was working on them I felt like there were no purposes for me to work on them other than the fact that I had to get them done for class. Also the fact that they did not work on my laptop because it is a Mac was frustrating do to the fact that I had to go to the library or first floor computer lab to work on them. 3.) I would tell my friend that they should take this class. I would tell them that they have a great chance to learn how to work with other people and try a class unlike any other on campus. I would also say that it challenges them in a unique way that helps them look at things form other angles. Also I would say to them that they should try working out some puzzles before they come to the class. This practice would help them so that they will have a better chance to work at the problems from all kinds of ways....
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This essay was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course CORE, MATH 110 taught by Professor Scanelle during the Spring '08 term at Valparaiso.

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Math 110 Reflection - graphs I think that they would work...

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