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Personal Arlo - Now to find my metaphorical age I took...

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Personal Arlo Nathan Sullivan With in this problem the reader is tasked to find out what his or her metaphorical age is. Metaphorical age is when someone uses the seasons to tell his or her age (ex. “I’m in the winter of my life.” Would mean that this person is older.) Also the reader must find how many years and days old they are as of September 10 th 2007, after stating their own birthday. My birthday is February ninth in the year 1989. The first thing that I did in order to find how many days old that I was on September 10 2007. I multiplied 365 (day’s in a year) by how many years I have been a live (18). The number of days in that time was 6,570 so the first thing to do was to take away 18 years worth of these days. That left me with 216 days. Now I had to break that down into months and that left me with 6 months and 2 days. So as of September 10, 2007 I was 18 years 6 months and 2 days of age.
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Unformatted text preview: Now to find my metaphorical age I took 27,338.5 which are the total number of days in an average lifetime. Divided by 12 which gave me 2278.208. I divided that by 365, which gave me the number 6.242. I figured that this number must be how many years are in a metaphorical month. With that in mind I then took 18.5 divided by 6.242 and with that I reached the number 1.361743. After coming to that I figured that I must be in the month of February. I then divided 12 by .361743 to find what day it would be in the month and that gave me 33.172722. With that in mind I would be in the 33 rd day of February. And because there is no such date I must now be in the month of March. After all this work I have decided that as of September 10 th 2007, I was in fact on the second day of March in my metaphorical age....
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