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Take - There is one flaw in this plan When the total comes...

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Take By Nathan Sullivan In the game take a player must remove tiles from a lager pile so that the other player ends up with the last “poisoned” tile and loses. In the game a player can remove one, two, or three tiles from the total amount in order to win. The simplest way for a person to win at take is for them to go first and remove one tile at the start. Then after that they only have to remove as many tiles that it takes in order to put the total tile number at an odd number. This will put the other player in a spot were they cannot win against this pattern and thus leaving them with the poison tile.
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Unformatted text preview: There is one flaw in this plan. When the total comes down to five the other player is in a place where they can turn the game around and win. Upon looking at this further I found that not only five is a poison tile but also that nine was a well, and that all numbers that lead to poison are all only four numbers away from the other (1,5,9,13, ect). And with that in mind then, the player could easily put the other player in position to always get the poison tile. I have neither given nor received nor tolerated the use of unauthorized aid....
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