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The Patagonian Congress Nathan Sullivan There are to problems that the reader will face on this sheet. The first is that there is a voting scandal that has been clamed to take place in an election for the congress. Guarez and Swenson both had 40 percent votes behind them however their running mate Libretti won. There is however a legal way that Libretti could have one in this election. That is by using the Pairwise comparison method of voting. In this the runners must compete against one another one at a time whoever wins in that first election goes against the next runner and whoever wins that is the overall winner. For example Swenson goes against Libretti so all of Guarez’s voters wanted to Swenson lose they would vote for Libretti and the same thing for when Libretti races against Guarez later. The second problem on this sheet is that the new president wants to find a way that would make his idea to save the Amazon pass in congress using the Pairwise
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Unformatted text preview: comparison method. The way that it could pass is if it had a majority vote out of the 100 congressmen. However the president’s idea is one of the more unpopular choices on how to save the Amazon. 17 people have the same voting mindset as him with ranking the plans. Their ranking goes in this order C, A, D, then B. However there are 34 people favoring the order of plans as D, B, C, and A. Also there are 32 other people that like the plans in the order of A, B, D, C. Then finally 17 others that like B, A, C, D. The only way to get the president’s way to win is by taking the plan B against the plan D. Which would make plan B vs the winner, go on and face the plan C. Then plan C would win this and therefore would run against the plan A, which would win. I have neither given nor received nor tolerated the use of unauthorized aid....
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