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Loblolly Pine - to supply it with water and nutrients and...

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Loblolly Pine Domain- Eukarya (Clade) Supergroup- Streptophyta Kingdom- Plantae (Clade) Subkingdom- Embryophyta (Grade) Phylum- Coniferophyta (Clade) Class- Pinopsida (Clade) Order- Pinales (Clade) Family- Pinaceae (Clade) Genus- Pinus (Clade) Species- Pinus Taeda (Clade) Loblollies are a specific type of Pine Tree, that are predominate in the Southeastern part of the United States. The pine makes its way around the southeast by a way of asexual reproduction. The male part of the tree releases pollen grains, which serve as sperm, and they fertilize the egg which is located inside of the pines cones. When the pollen reaches the cone, it fertilizes the cones egg and the cone finishes its fertilization process by closing. When a pines cone is closed it is in the fertilization process. This process can take months to finish. When fertilization process is complete, the cone reopens and spreads its seeds allowing the pine to grow else where. The pine survives much like every other plant in the world, by relying on rainfall
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Unformatted text preview: to supply it with water and nutrients, and other organisms to spread its seeds and in some instances supply it with their nutrients. Pines interact with other organisms in many different ways. Pines are in some instances essential to some human beings. Different people may use them for means of wealth by harvesting their growth and later selling the land that they are cultivated in. Many different forms of lumber are also used by humans that are derived from pines. While there are many good ways that pines are used by humans, there are many ways in which humans are harmed by the tree. The pollen that the pine produces serves to be one of the leading causes and irritations of allergies for many humans around the world. Other organisms use the pine in ways such as storing food and shelter. Loblolly Pine . United States Department of Agriculture. March 11, 2008. < http://plants.usda.gov/java/profile?symbol=PITA>...
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