Exam 1 Review

Exam 1 Review - Caribbean Music and Culture Exam 1 12:10:00...

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Caribbean Music and Culture: Exam 1 13/02/2008 13:10:00 There will be at least 5 audio clips on blackboard to study from b/c there’s a  listening component (of 3 clips) on the exam, as well as 1 audio clip Relates to what?, relevance?,  what can I say about social/political/etc  meaning? Exam all multiple choice Review the book/all the reading, notes These are the main concepts, but not EVERYTHING, so definitely need to look at  all the notes and the readings  No class on the 27 th   Myths about Caribbean World history Canon of western music, music industry Melting pot Western, African, Asian, Indigenous cultures African diaspora most prominent Cultural influences Indigenous groups: Tainos, Ciboneys, Caribs o Instruments and music (areito) African influence o Degree of influence varies o Relationship with religion Caribbean religions Musical traits
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o Rhythm: polyrhythm o Call and response o Collective participation African influence varies geographically
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Exam 1 Review - Caribbean Music and Culture Exam 1 12:10:00...

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