HEALTHY SEX - 1 Sex has always been a topic that caused a...

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Sex has always been a topic that caused a large deal of controversy all throughout history. Because of peoples’ adherence to conventional religions, the majority of the populace in all civilizations has held a moral objection to premarital sex. This concern for and objection to premarital sex has caused another problem though. This concern has caused people to have a feeling of uneasiness when the issue of sex even arises. American culture is one that avoids discussing sex if at all possible. Parents rely on the public school systems to teach their children about the natural reproductive processes that are necessary for the very continuance of the human species. There is one fact that is becoming more and more understood in the scientific community that would probably make parents more willing to talk about sex with not only their children, but amongst themselves more openly. That fact is this: sex is healthy . One of the most obvious, but still most important aspects of sex is its role as valuable exercise. According to, a quality session with your significant other in bed burns about two hundred calories. This would equate to running on a treadmill for approximately fifteen minutes, and it is pretty apparent which activity is more enjoyable. When an individual is aroused, their heart rate jumps from 70 beats per minute to about 150 beats per minute. This is the same rate that an athlete’s heart beats when they are performing at maximum effort. Exercise boosts the production of testosterone, a hormone that strengthens bones and muscles in males. Testosterone also boosts the male sex drive. Because sex is exercise, and because exercise boosts the male sex drive through the
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HEALTHY SEX - 1 Sex has always been a topic that caused a...

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