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COMM 101 Interpersonal Communication Paper The film which I have chosen to watch for this paper is The Breakfast Club . This movie is set in a high school where five kids have come together on a Saturday for detention. During this film we see them continuously communicating with each other and demonstrating forms of interpersonal communication. The three concepts that I want to focus on for this paper are Male and Female Intimacy Styles, Cultural Influences on Intimacy and the Dimensions of Intimacy. Each of these is demonstrated in this film in many different instances. Intimacy has many dimensions. Intimacy is defined as arising from close union, contact, association, or acquaintance. This shows intimacy as a closeness factor but it does not tell the kinds of closeness associated with intimacy. There are four main qualities associated with intimacy. The four qualities are physical, intellectual, emotional, and shared activities. Each of these helps define intimacy and the closeness related to intimacy. (Ronald B. Alder, 2006) In the film The Breakfast Club all four qualities of intimacy were shown. The first quality to talk about is the physical quality. In the film there we are few instances of physical intimacy being shown. The physical dimension of intimacy was
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shown with kisses between the characters in the movie. Between the characters Allison Renyolds and Andrew Clark there was physical intimacy at the end of the
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IPC PAPER - COMM 101 Interpersonal Communication Paper The...

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