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Unformatted text preview: A Modest Proposal Draft 1 A Great Way to End Crime Crime is a never-ending cycle. Constantly criminals are breaking the law going to jail then if they make parole, they just break the law again. It is a never-ending cycle. If there were, just some way not to have so many people breaking the law the world would be a much happier place. When someone breaks the law, the punishment is to the gun line. If they kill, the punishment is gun line. There should be a no tolerance law for criminals. If someone breaks the law, the cops should be able to beat him or her to the ground as sort of a preliminary punishment. Under any circumstance, this should be the law. Since some crimes are not as serious as others are, there could be a lesser punishment. For example, if someone is caught speeding they should get the beat down. Then they should have either one of their hands or legs cut off. This would really do the job of those people that continuously break laws like that. That way this would also make driving much safer and curve the amount of accidents on the roadways. Even though these punishments may seem harsh now, if the population sees that the government is not kidding about the situation and a few people need sacrificing as an example then everyone would most likely stop breaking the law. However, there is a slight draw back. If the new punishments work then the amount of police officers needed would most likely drop because less people are breaking the law. Therefore, it would be necessary to find jobs for the police officers so the unemployment rate does not go up. ...
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