Comm 101 Ch2 quiz - Comm 101 Chapter 2 Take Home Test...

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Comm 101 Chapter 2 Take Home Test Question 1 Empathy is the ability to re-create another person’s perspective, to experience the world from the other’s point of view. The last time that I used empathy was yesterday when my Fraternity Brother Karl called to talk to me about his girl friend breaking up with him. He had been hanging out with this girl for a few months and they finally made it “official.” It was official because it was on Facebook© as most put it now. About two weeks ago my brother had taken a trip to Ireland, back home to see his family. During his trip back home is new girlfriend decided to see her ex boyfriend. This was definitely not a good idea because she realized that she still has feelings for him. Unfortunately for Karl, he found out about this over the phone while he was in Ireland. She decided to end it right then. On his way back home, Karl was stuck in Kentucky because his plane was diverted due to weather at the airport that he was suppose to land at. As he was sitting at the airport he called me to talk about this. I used empathy to put myself in his shoes and to try and understand what he was going through. I think I did a fairly decent job at understanding Karl and the pain that he was feeling having his heart broken by this girl. There are three dimensions of empathy, the first being perspective taking. Perspective taking is
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Comm 101 Ch2 quiz - Comm 101 Chapter 2 Take Home Test...

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