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Compare Contrast 11-6-06 - 13 November 2006 Airbus to a...

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13 November 2006 Airbus to a Cessna Aviation has grown immensely in the past couple of decades. The technology in airplanes is incredible. There are two basic types of aircraft; there are the mass transport jets then there are general aviation planes. For example, a general aviation plane would be a Cessna 172 and a mass transport jet would be an Airbus A320. Each has a major role in the aviation field. The Airbus A320 is a mammoth of an airplane. The A320 has a wingspan of one hundred eleven feet and ten inches, and a total wing area of 1,320 feet. Split those numbers in half and that makes the two wings of the Airbus. The entire length of the A320 is one hundred twenty three feet and three inches; it rises over the ground at thirty eight feet seven inches. Outside of the cabin is the fuselage which measures thirteen feet in diameter. Cessna’s Skyhawk 172 is a much smaller aircraft than the A320. The 172’s wingspan only measures thirty six feet and one inch, making for a total area of one hundred seventy-four square feet. Divide the total area by two which makes each wing’s area eighty-seven square feet. Cessna Skyhawk’s total length is twenty-seven feet two inches. The total height of the Skyhawk is only eight feet eleven inches. Cessna’s width is only thirty nine and a half inches wide. The technology that the A320 has is incredible. The entire cockpit is displayed on liquid crystal display screens, which means that all of the instruments are computerized. Pilots see all
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Compare Contrast 11-6-06 - 13 November 2006 Airbus to a...

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