Compare&contrastfscottfitzgerald - 12-22-04Comparison...

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Unformatted text preview: 12-22-04Comparison between The Great Gatsby and Winter DreamsWas Fitzgerald using the same theme in these two stories because they were similar in his life or just because he liked how it played out? Fitzgeralds life story is very similar to these to stories. He was young and wanted a girl but she wanted him to prove that he was successful so he wrote a couple of books, short stories, and poetry so that she would take him. Well that is very similar to these stories. In The Great Gatsby Jay lost his girl because she wanted to have money and enjoy the fruits or perks to it. So Jay spent his life trying to be successful even if he had to do it illegally he did. What he came to find out was that even though he had all that money he was not happy and in the end he lost Daisy. In Winter Dreams Dexter wanted to be in the higher class to get the girl and the same...
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Compare&contrastfscottfitzgerald - 12-22-04Comparison...

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