Differences between today and puritan time

Differences between today and puritan time - Differences...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-6-06Differences between the Puritan Society and Society as it is Known TodayThe beliefs of Puritans and the beliefs practiced today cannot be summed up in a simple yes or no answer. There is much more to the answer than that and there are many grey areas because of the depth that something may be practiced. For example, murder, obviously today murder is still looked upon as a horrible crime and was the same back in the time of the Puritans. However, because some people are being able to get away with such a crime it tends to happen more and more in situations like gang shooting and in of course foreign third-world countries. However, for something like stealing, back in the time of the Puritans that was just as bad as murder and could be punished with death just like murder. The difference in the case of stealing today is that the only punishment that we have is what seems to be jail time. Many other things are also very different, for example, hard-work, many Americans have become extremely lazy. Back then it was not uncommon for people to be up at dawn and working all the way until dusk. Today’s Americans complain about having to work maybe eight hours a day. The other difference is in the views of modesty. Most are not modest at all today. Obviously there are major differences in the times however for a few things they seem to have stayed the same over the years.There are still some values in the American society. However little they may still be seen they are still there. Most of which are seen in religious groups because that is how the Puritans made their laws in the first place. They used the Bible for a base on their laws so for those that are religious today they are still following such laws. For those that chose to break laws, obviously there is not a form of values still being used. For example, with the case of murder, today murder is still not acceptable and it was also...
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Differences between today and puritan time - Differences...

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