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fahrenheit essay1 - that his job is to burn books yet he...

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10-11-05 Fahrenheit There have been many different changes in life before this novel began. The whole world has changed from reading books to burning them. In place of books, people use wall sized television to transfer information. This information is controlled by the government. Since all information is transferred by television all books have been banned and therefore burned. Life in this book can be looked at as both negative and positive. In the positive, it can be a utopian place. No longer having to read, everything is fire proof so no one dies in fires. However, there is also the negative side. The fact that there are no more books to read, that reading is banned. No longer can the imagination be stimulated by a good adventure novel or a mystery novel. At the beginning of this novel Guy is walking home from his job of burning books. Guy is the main character in the novel, and the novel is told from his perspective. This character makes a great narrator because of his position as a book burner. The fact
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Unformatted text preview: that his job is to burn books, yet he takes home books that he finds on the job makes his perspective even more interesting. This book takes place in the future of America. Where there are fire proof homes, books are banned and burned if found, and many traditional family activities are now not done any more. I think that it is important that the setting is where it is because it shows what could happen and that maybe how habits are causing some values to diminish and that the government may be butting in on lives too much. Guy’s initial problem in the novel is that he has stolen books and hidden them in his ventilator shaft. This is a part of him wondering if his life is fulfilling enough. This is one of many circumstances that guy has to over come. These circumstances really keep on juicing up the story making it hard to stop reading. I believe that Guy is going to be making some very drastic decisions about his life in the coming parts of the novel....
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