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Unformatted text preview: 1-30-06 My Opinions on the Report Done By ESPN on the National Anthem by R. Kelly The whole thing to me really doesn't bother me that much. There are obvious times when it isn't okay for the National Anthem to be sung like it has been. For example, in the case of Rosanne Barr, her rendition of the National Anthem was completely uncalled for. She didn't even care what she was doing. In the picture shown in the article she is even holding her own ears because it is so bad. What R. Kelly did really wasn't all that bad. I would have to see it to truly be able to give an opinion. However, I do believe that it is okay for someone like R. Kelly, who just happens to be a rapper, to give his own rendition of the National Anthem in his or her own way. Of course that is only acceptable if the person is doing a serious job at what they are doing. Not like Rosanne Barr. R. Kelly was being serious in the fact that he was giving his own rendition of the National Anthem. Obviously if he was just messing around then it would not be okay. But, I believe in free speech and if that is the way that R. Kelly wants to do the National Anthem then more power to him. We shouldn't criticize people on his or her way of singing the National Anthem. We should only have a problem if the way that they are not doing it is not in a serious or respectable manner and is just totally disrespecting the United States of America. ...
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