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2/2/2006 My response to the State of the Union In my opinion the State of the Union is the second most important thing that the President of the United States does. Letting the citizens of America know what his plans are and what condition he thinks the country is in right now is something very important that needs to be told and by who better than the President on the United States. What I noticed is that President Bush really emphasized the country’s position on the war in Iraq. Making sure that troops are there to maintain order and that Alquida and all of the other terrorists groups are taken care of by any means necessary. President Bush also talked about many different things. The one thing that I noticed during the State of the Union is the two different parties and their beliefs. When
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Unformatted text preview: the President might have said something that the Republicans like and the Democrats did not the whole side of Republicans stood up and were clapping while the Democrats were not. Then visa versa. For example, when the President talked about how congress had not passed some things that the President wanted all the Democrats stood up and were clapping while the Republicans were not. That was one thing that I really noticed during the whole thing. It is really good for the country to hear the State of the Union straight from the horses mouth and not the way that it is heard on a daily bases, through the mouths of the media....
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