illustration essay - 16 October 2006 So You Want To Be a...

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16 October 2006 So You Want To Be a Pilot There are so many different jobs in the world, and I chose to be a pilot. Most of why I chose this career field is because of a single day, then a build-up from there. It all started at an air show when I took a helicopter ride. Then with a little inspiration from dad and a couple of years wanting to be a pilot came more interest and finally a decision. My interest in being a pilot all started about four years ago at a Mount Comfort Air Show. I was having a great time going to all the exhibits and watching the planes doing stunts and maneuvers in the sky and watching some of the rarest of airplanes flying overhead. As my dad and I were walking we came across a line but we were not sure for what. Then seconds later we see a helicopter flying in and land in a homemade helipad right in front of the line. I told my dad that we have got to try this. So he went and checked about tickets and got a couple for us. The line for the ride was not very long but took, for what seemed like eternity, because there was only one helicopter giving rides and it could only take four people in it at a time. As we waited we continued to watch the show but all I could think about during the whole time was how amazing the ride is going to be. Then, it came time for the Blue Angels to do their acrobatic show. They are a group of Navy pilots that fly F-16s and do an amazing show just a few hundred feet off of the ground. What made me happy and mad at the same time was that they put on a great show, but the helicopter rides were stopped because of the danger of an accident. At that point I was getting extremely antsy to get in the helicopter. Finally, the show
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illustration essay - 16 October 2006 So You Want To Be a...

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