scary story - Scary StoryDeath Run“Vroom vroom,”...

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Unformatted text preview: 3-6-06Scary StoryDeath Run“Vroom vroom,” screams the Porsche Carrera GT down a deserted highway. Driving at 150 miles per hour twisting and swerving through the turns the dashboard lights being to flicker then it stops and they stay on. The driver has no idea what is going on, he just bought the car and should not be experiencing any problems at all. For $440,000 the car should be problem free. Frightened that there may be an electrical problem the driver guns it to a whopping 200 miles per hour in a Hail Mary to fix the problem that it may just be a loose wire. To his excitement it does.About ten miles down the road he comes upon a detour sign. Seeing how it is the middle of the night the driver hesitates to take the detour or simply turn around. With is ambitiousness he takes the detour. The detour takes the driver down a series of back roads and with the kid inside the man he decides to have a little fun! Flooring it and testing the cars maneuverability he tires from all the work. So he slows to a steady 110 miles per hour. After a little more driving the driver passes a sign reading “Jeffersontingville only seven miles away.” Excited, the driver decides that is where he will make a stop to refuel and take a bit of a rest....
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scary story - Scary StoryDeath Run“Vroom vroom,”...

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