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The Hollow Men - Reflect dried-up empty bleak inner states...

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"The Hollow Men" Small-group Activity ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS AS COMPLETELY AND ACCURATELY AS POSSIBLE. ONE PAPER WILL BE HANDED IN PER GROUP; ALL IN GROUP GET SAME GRADE. REACH CONSENSUS! 1. What images does Eliot use in Part I to convey a sense of emptiness? Hollow, stuffed men Meaningless voices Shapes without form Shade without color Gesture without motion 2. What do the references to eyes throughout the poem mean? Lack of faith has made the hollow men sightless and blind to meaning in life 3. In Part II the speaker shifts from "we" to "I." What effect does this change have? What attitude does the speaker have about his life? Effect-makes it more personal Attitude-frightened, ashamed, hopes for eternal life, but shrinks from it 4. What images does Eliot use in Part III to describe the landscape of the hollow men? How do the images reflect their emotional and spiritual states? Dead land, dry and sharp as a cactus Carved stone images worshiped by a corpse under a single fading star
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Unformatted text preview: Reflect dried-up, empty, bleak inner states and total loss of faith of the hollow men 5. What do the first four lines in Part V remind you of? How does the rhythm of the poem change in this last section? What effect does the new rhythm have? Nursery rhyme Like intoning of a priest or religious leader-parallelism and repetition Juxtaposition of the two-emphasizes futility, fatality, loss of innocence, and loss of faith in a world gone askew 6. What is the significance of the fragments of the Lord's Prayer in Part V? echo the fragmentation of the lives of hollow men 7. The ending of this poem, as pointed out in the headnote, is a famous one. What makes these lines so powerful? How do they sum up the meaning of the poem? Contrast sound of lines (nursery rhyme) and meaning (end of world) Emphasize loss of spiritual/emotional life for hollow men All left to them is a weak complaint in the face of their own destruction...
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