NATURE AND ME - it is because they are so smart to go and...

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The things I love in nature are all of it. I mostly like the flowers. The different colors are  really beautiful. I also love the great smells. The way all of the flowers are diverse is really great. If I  didn’t see flowers every day my life would be really boring. The trees are the second best. The way they reach the sky. They are great for anmlals to live.  The trees are great for many different things. They provide homes for animals. The provide oxygen for  everything. The way the trees’ leaves change colors during fall is really pretty. Animals in the forest are really fast. They like to eat different things from all the different  plants. I like the way in the mornings when everything starts up for another day the animals are  peeking out to see what is going on. The animal that I like the most is the chipmunk. The reason I like 
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Unformatted text preview: it is because they are so smart to go and harvest acorns for the winter. I like when it rains. I like it when It rains because the rain dripples off of the leaves and peddles of the plants. It also makes the leaves look like they came from a rainbow. When It rains the whole place where ever it is the entire place looks like it has been deserted. The good thing that comes out of raining is that everything gets healthier. The reason I think of the nature this way is because I like to spend extra time when I have nothing else to do in nature. I have seen all of this in all of the years of my life. If nobody has seen this they are missing out on a lot. In my own opinion I think that everyone should take a walk through the forest when ever they get a chance....
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NATURE AND ME - it is because they are so smart to go and...

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