royal me - only work at a minimum of two hours/day The...

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King I am King Brian. I am the ruler of Europe. I am a nice king. The only time I will be a mean king is when someone does something wrong or something bad happens. I would be a kind and giving king. I would make sure that everyone has some form of a house. If some people in certain areas that were big area that can’t afford high taxes I would lower the cost of taxes, so they don’t move or have to move to other places especially out of my kingdom. If they did that more people would follow them and no one else would be living in my kingdom, so then I would loose a lot of money and even get kick out of my kingdom from being king. For my kingdom the laws would be; you must pay taxes if you can’t afford the taxes please come see me. Don’t commit crimes if you have a problem go to the priest or come see me. Make sure you are at your job everyday unless you are sick. You can
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Unformatted text preview: only work at a minimum of two hours/day. The maximum of fifteen hours/day. My home would be a really big Victorian Castle. The castle would have over one hundred rooms. One section of the castle rooms would be for people who can’t afford housing. The another section would be for my recreational uses. Another section for my dining. With the last two sections they would be for my entertainment and the other for my very own families sleeping. My Kingdom’s name would be Brian’s Kingdom of friendship. The reason it would be called this is because I own it and we are all friends. I like the name because it shows what my kingdom is like. I wouldn’t like to just make up a name because it is better to show what the kingdom is like....
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royal me - only work at a minimum of two hours/day The...

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