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5/02/01 My Self-assessment I am really good at throwing things away. Even if I find trash I will throw it away. The only thing I won’t touch without gloves are cigarette buds and alcohol beverages. If I even see someone litter I pick up the trash take it to them and tell them to put it in the trashcan. I just like to keep the earth clean of trash that can be put in a can. I like to do my part in keeping the world clean. I definitely need to improve on recycling more. I am not used to recycling because we don’t recycle any more. I don’t know why we don’t but I think we should more often. If we did I’m sure that we could clean the earth a lot more. Also we could make it easier on the people who have to sort out all of the trash from the stuff that can be
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Unformatted text preview: recycled. My feelings on major ecology issues are that we should take more care of earth because if we don’t now we won’t have another place to live. If we don’t take care of the earth we could all die due to dirty air or pollution. The only way to take care of the earth is to stop making so much pollution and making more trash to be put into the landfills. If you start getting more things that can be recycled we could build homes that are needed instead of filling up the ground full of trash. I feel that if we do this, our world would be a lot happier and it wouldn’t be so worried about our world being killed....
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