Bacterial (handout #3)

Bacterial (handout #3) - Quick-note Genome Staphylococcus...

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Quick-note Genome Species Gram? Infections? Staphylococcus S. aureus + -Leading cause of soft tissue infections, TSS (toxic shock syndrome caused by TSST-1), SSSS (staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome caused by SSSST-1) -SSSST= Exfoliative toxin b/c it causes sloughing off of skin. Staph gives +ve result in Coagulase test (tests for coagulation) [other spec usu are -ve) -S.aureus toxin cause food poisoning (b/c meats not fully cooked) = cramps, severe vomiting. -S. aureus also secrete Leukocidin (toxin). It destroys WBC’s; therefore forming pus and acne. -also causative agent in pneumonia, meningitis, boils, arthritis, and osteomyelitis (chronic bone infec) - most S.aureus are penicillin resistant. Therefore treat with Vancomycin, and Nafcillin (for most strains) S. epidermis + Most clinically significant Colonizes on a Luria Agar culture plate Most susceptible are IV drug users, newborns, elderly, and catherters/other artificial appli users Treated with Vancomycin and Rifampin. Streptococci Group A (β heamolytic) + Can cause streptococcal sore throat (strep throat) to necrotizing fasciitis**(flesh eating disease) Also cause Scarlet fever, rheumatic fever, postpartum fever, and SSSS S. pyogenes = Most important of group A (β- Haemolytic) Group B (ά heamolytic) + - Carried in GI, genital, or urinary tract. Dangerous when invade bloodstream - Life threatening to = newborns, preg women, eldery and adults w/ compromised immune sys. Used to be class under Streptococci Enterococcus (non heamolytic) E.faecalis + - can be found in the gut - can grow in presence of bile salts Same as above (non heamolytic) E. faecium + Same as above Spore Forming Bacillus B. anthracis + -Causes anthrax in cows, sheep, sometimes in humans. -Cutaneous infec (95% of human cases). Inhalation anthrax (rare) GI anthrax (very rare)
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Bacterial (handout #3) - Quick-note Genome Staphylococcus...

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