sociologynotes417 - Capitalism organizing private...

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Capitalism – organizing private enterprise, producing for profit Socialism – different than capitalism because the means of production are collectively owned (by the government), rather than by corporations in capitalism. High degree of commitment to social programs, not necessarily looking to make a profit. Rather to help the citizens out, universal healthcare, universal education, guaranteed housing for all people. Germany is not a socialist country, they are capitalist ex. Germany owes 25% of Volkswagen. Communism Socialism Capitalism Laissez-faire Communism – no difference in people, everyone gets paid the same amount of money, usually associated with dictatorship. ECONOMIC SYSTEM Capitalism/Democracy United States, UK, Britain India* maaaaaaaaaybe? Canada, Germany, France Socialist Dictatorship Cuba Soviet Russia North Korea Capitalist Dictatorship Nazi Germany Fascist Italy Socialist Democracy Latin American countries such as Bolivia, Venezuela, Other types of Discrimination? BESIDES race and gender?
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sociologynotes417 - Capitalism organizing private...

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