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Instructions for first In-Class Writing Students, The first in-class writing is soon; check the syllabus. Bring your book and the attached poem to class, notes you have made in your journal, paper, blue or black ink pen. You will have the whole class period to do your writing. Choose one of these poems: “Welcome to Hiroshima” OR “My Mother, That Feast of Light” (attachment). The second poem is written by a Florida writer, Kate Barnes. Though we didn’t discuss it in class, it is rich with poetic language that should be relatively easy for you to discuss. The key to success is preparation. If you choose to write about “My Mother, That Feast of Light,” follow the process we used in class with “Welcome to Hiroshima.” If you were absent when we discussed the poem, you can follow the process listed below to help you prepare. 1. Read the poem at least three times. 2. Figure out what literally is going on: who is the speaker, where does it take place, who is in the poem, is it a flashback, when, how, what is the action, etc. 3.
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