Outside_Essay__1-Poetry - Poetry Explication Assignment:...

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Unformatted text preview: Poetry Explication Assignment: Write a two-page (minimum) explication of one of these poems: Elegy for My Father, p. 946; Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night, p. 867; My PaPas Waltz, p. 674. Due_____________________________________ An explication is a line-by-line commentary on what is going on in a texta literal unfolding or spreading out of meaning. Although your explication will, for the most part, move steadily from the beginning to the end of the selection, try to avoid writing along these lines : In line one. . . or In the second line. . . or In the third line. . . . Try using some of these phrases: The poem begins. . . or In the next line. . . or The speaker immediately adds . . . or He then introduces. . . or The next stanza begins by saying. . . . An explication is not concerned with the writers life or times, and it is not a paraphrase (a rewording)though it may include paraphrase if a passage in the original seems unclear perhaps...
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Outside_Essay__1-Poetry - Poetry Explication Assignment:...

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