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English II Research Paper Due______________________________ Term II, 2008 According to SCC’s English Department requirements, one of the core assignments you must pass with a C or better is the research essay. Hopefully, the following guidelines and explanation will help you prepare your research, write the essay, and use MLA documentation. Before you begin, remember SCC’s statement concerning plagiarism. Do your own work! Don’t be tempted by the paper mills on the Internet. Most of the work posted on all these sites is far inferior to what I have seen you write. In addition, search engines and software, such as TurnItIn , make it rather easy to trace any writing that is plagiarized. Trust your knowledge and good brain. If you plagiarize, even inadvertently, you will fail. Most of the problems that arise with the struggle to write a research paper stem more from poor time management than from an inability to do the work. So, make a time plan and stick to it. That will greatly increase your chances of success. Basic Requirements: 1. Write a 7 to 8 page essay with a works cited page (not included in total page count) that includes a minimum of eight primary and secondary sources. Some suggested topics are listed below. If you have a topic in mind that isn’t listed, let me know, and we’ll discuss it. Your textbook is a fine source for primary sources. a. Incorporate research from the at least three types of sources (minimum of 8) also listed below. Required sources include books, scholarly articles, one Internet source that is not from a database, and scholarly articles from SCC’s registered databases. You cannot use Wikipedia, any encyclopedia or dictionary. b. Keep in mind the English Department requirement is that you write a minimum of 5 pages and use a minimum of 5 sources. Doing the minimum means your paper will probably be a D+ or C paper at best. It, of course, depends on other factors such as substantive content, use of MLA guidelines, type of research, etc. I am requiring you to write more. c.
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This note was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course ENC 1102 taught by Professor Bailey during the Spring '08 term at Seminole CC.

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Research_Paper_2008 - English II Research Paper Due_ Term...

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