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Romero 1 Dr. Glenn Klopfenstein Composition II 11/17/2014 The Lesson Response Raymond Carver once said, “Most of my stories, if not all of them, have some basis in real life. That's the kind of fiction I'm most interested in. I suppose that's one reason I don't have much respect for fiction that seems to be game playing.”Carver’s short story “Cathedral” is a story many people can relate to. Most human beings have at one time or another had a turning point. They have one point in their lives where they became aware, they became aware of something they had once been ignorant of. When Bub begins to draw the Cathedral with Robert he has an epiphany. Bub’s epiphany caused him to see Robert as an equal, a human, and a friend. Before, Robert visited, Bub was a jealous mess. From the very beginning he did not like the idea of having Robert come visit his wife. He states that it is the blindness that bothers him,
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