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Expository Essay - Anger - Drury 1 Summer Drury Professor...

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Drury 1 Summer Drury Professor Bailey English 1101 September 10, 2007 Expository Essay – Anger Anger is an emotion that is felt and demonstrated, by both individuals and groups, daily in the many different cultures around the world. Some cultures and their ideas clash with other cultures while other times the cultures include so many different people and ideas, they will clash in time. Although anger is completely subjective, the attitudes and ideas of different groups of people cause arguments to come up and their anger to spark. This has been known to cause wars, both world-wide and on a smaller scale such as a civil war or a disagreement between states or provinces of some of the bigger countries. Sometimes these wars go on for years and years, and other times they are over in a matter of months. Anger is the type of emotion that causes actions that are not easily foreseen. Depending on the person and their individual personality, sometimes anger can spark from nowhere and explode unexpectedly on the people and things around, while other people can hold it in for a long time until, by the time they do let it out, it is so expected most people around them have already braced themselves for the blow-up. Anger that is not controlled can cause bodily harm or damage property if it come unexpectedly and is not handled correctly. When you have many different cultures and beliefs in close proximity, such as in the Middle East, things are bound to clash as some point or another. Sometimes they are quickly resolved and sometimes they can go on for years. The way the Muslims and the Jews act towards each other are a perfect example. They have been fighting and terrorizing each other’s people for
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Drury 2 hundreds of years with no end in sight. They cannot accept that there are different things that different people can believe. This does not make either side wrong for what they believe, but
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Expository Essay - Anger - Drury 1 Summer Drury Professor...

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