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Drury 1 Summer Drury Professor Bailey English 1101 October 3, 2007 Summary of Major Points King believes non-violent action will solve or end the racial injustices that exist not only in the south, but also wherever in the world they are. King argues that injustice is present in everyday life, and that it is up to us to get rid of it. The way to do this is not through violence and hatred, but instead through non-violent protests, boycotts, and demonstrations. Those people who are being oppressed cannot wait any longer, and must not be forced to. According to King, civil disobedience is a must, but only if done correctly and without violence. King also supports being an extremist, when it is for the right reasons and is necessary to bring change to a problem. That being said, just laws may be “morally correct,” but should be disobeyed and unjust laws that suppress justice should be changed. King believes that everyone, including the white church,
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Unformatted text preview: should help in the integration of the blacks back with the whites, by speaking out about the injustices instead of pushing them under the rug and acting like they dont exist. Many white moderates do not help the problem; instead only hinder it, saying that everyone should maintain the status quo and not upset those in higher power. Another thing that King believes is that blacks are just as much to blame as whites for the current problem. They are not all perfect people and like every other human being; they make mistakes and go about things the wrong way sometimes too. King argues with the clergymen that the police have, in fact, not actually been fair in all situations. Regardless of all the evidence that shows change is still far away, if it is to come at all, King still believes that change will come eventually....
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