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Journal 2 - This article has such a prominent place in...

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This article has such a prominent place in history because it is such a controversial experiment in which people used to determine how classical conditioning learning works. At the time children were not to be heard, so no one really thought anything about what was happening to “Little Albert” at the time. However, today when we look back ion the experiment, we are appalled at what we see going on and scream abuse all over the place. This experiment will always be under some type of scrutiny by some kind of child protection group as long as people are trying to learn more about classical conditioning. There are very distinct roles of generalization and discrimination in this experiment. “Little Albert” had similar reactions too many of the things presented to him that were similar to the rat. These included a dog, a seal fur coat, and a rabbit. He would cry and try to back away to try to stay away from them as possible. After a while, his reaction lessened a little, but he would still wimper at the sight of most of these things. However,
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