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AEM120 Fall 2007 Principles of Entrepreneurship and Business Pedro David Pérez PRACTICE FINAL EXAM - HARD 1. This exam is composed of 50 questions, a mixture of multiple choice, matching, and binary questions. You will have exactly 75 minutes to complete the exam. Please allocate your time accordingly. 2. Make sure you leave yourself enough time at the end to have the bubble sheet completely filled out before time is called. No additional time will be allocated for this activity. 3. If you have questions about anything, do not hesitate to ask. Just raise your hand and we will come to your seat. 4. After you have completed your exam , print your name in the space below, sign and date the Honor Code. GOOD LUCK!!! Name (please print) _____________________________________________________ Student ID Number _____________________________ Honor Code : I affirm that I have abided by the guidelines set forth in the Cornell University Code of Conduct: Signature ______________________________________________________________ Date ________________________________
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PART I. Allocate each of the following to the appropriate category a. Characteristics of the business opportunity b. Characteristics of the venture team c. Components of the Venture Capital valuation method d. Techniques for existing market research e. Techniques for new market research 1. Anthropological expeditions e.
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