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Major Principles of Biological Theories

Major Principles of Biological Theories - distinct...

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Major Principles of Biological Theories - The brain is the organ of the mind and the locus of personality. In the words of the well- known biocriminologist C. Ray Jeffrey, ‘The brain is the organ of behavior; no theory of behavior can ignore neurology and neurochemistry.’ - The basic determinants of human behavior, including criminal tendencies, are, to a considerable degree, constitutionally based or genetically based. - Observed gender and racial differences in rates and types of criminality may be at least partially the result of biological differences between the sexes and / or between racially
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Unformatted text preview: distinct groups-Much of human conduct is fundamentally rooted in instinctive behavioural responses characteristic of biological organisms everywhere. Territoriality, condemnation of adultery and acquisitiveness are but three examples of behavior that may be instinctual to human beings.-The biological roots of human conduct have become increasingly disguised, as modern symbolic forms of indirect expressive behavior have replaced more primitive and direct ones.-...
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