33.5 - o Endothermy o Mammary glands o Lactation o Evolved...

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33.5 Chordata Dorsal hollow nerve cord Gill slits Tail 3 subgroups o urochordates (tunicates/sea squirts) o cephalochordates (lacelets) o vertebrates bony structures on dorsal side active predators and herbivores cranium skull Brain o Forebrain-smell cerebrum o Midbrain-vision o Hindbrain-balance and hearing Cerebellum Medulla oblongata Mammals o Hair and fur o High body temps
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Unformatted text preview: o Endothermy o Mammary glands o Lactation o Evolved when dinos were dominant herbivores After gone, mammals diversified lineages Reptiles o Watertight skin o Air breathing o Lay eggs Internal fertilization o 4 lineages turtles snakes and lizards crocs and alligators birds o ectothermic...
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