33.6 - o The branch leading to humans o Australpithecus...

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33.6 The Hominin Radiation Primates 2 groups o prosimians (before monkeys) lemurs, tarsiers, pottos, lorises tree dwelling active at night o anthropoids (human like) monkeys, apes, orangutans, gorillas, chimps, humans opposable thumb o eyes in front of face o hands and feet for grasping o large brains o social behavior o extensive parental care Humans o Related to chimps, nearest living relative is the gorilla o Bipedal Two footed Walk upright Hominins
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Unformatted text preview: o The branch leading to humans o Australpithecus Gracile- slender o Paranthropus Broader Bipedal Massive cheek teeth and jaws Made tools o Homo Flatter faces, smaller teeth, large brains Neanderthal people o Share bipedalism o Several present during hominin evolution o Homo have larger brains to body size Language Tools o Speech Hyoid- voice box Larger in homo sapiens...
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